Secure and reliable tailor made web hosting solutions.

Do you need the ultimate in security and availability for your website? We supply tailor made hosting solutions for when an off-the-shelf package from a standard host just won't come anywhere close to meeting your requirements.

Our custom hosting solutions can range from just one server, to a cluster of four perhaps; the geographic redundancy providing protection against network or power outages for example. Our fully managed service is all about flexibility, eliminating single points of failure and building in the features you need at a sensible price.
If you have a large project but wish to avoid the technical complications, we are here to help.

  • Step one is for us to gather information on the needs of your business or website.

  • The second is to design, develop and build an infrastructure to match your needs.

  • Each solution goes through a vigorous and extended testing phase, including penetration testing if required.

  • The final process is one of continous improvement; monitoring and full management for the lifetime of the system.

Why not combine the security of full management with geographical clustering?

As with all our managed services, we take daily off-site backups of your website, so that your data is always safe.
All our products include generous bandwidth and file storage quotas. Common requirements include web statistics, advanced monitoring, file replication, separate database servers and optimisation. We aim to please, while still providing a product that both matches your requirements and is also well designed.

Reliability, speed, security and outstanding customer service are our priorities with all our products. Our custom hosting products especially can ensure maximum possible uptime and performance due to their distributed layout and high availability redundant design. If your website is important and must "just work", then this is the ideal way to host it.

To discuss your tailor made hosting needs and price plans, please click here to get in touch with one of our team.