Fully managed Linux Virtual Dedicated Servers.

For business or busy website owners looking for extra flexibility, scaleable power and the security of a fully contained hosting environment, a Systems Administrator Managed Virtual Dedicated Server is often an ideal solution.
We believe that managing a server is a full time job which should always be done by a professional Systems Administrator to guarantee best performance and security (if nothing else), so for this reason, we only supply fully managed servers.
Our management services take care of all the technical aspects of the service such as (but not limited to) off-site backups, software updates and checking security logs. We configure e-mail addresses, websites, server users etc on your behalf.

With our service, you can concentrate on your customers instead of learning a control panel or server administration. Our customers rely on our personal service for anything server related. We are their first and only necessary point of contact.

  • Dedicated Resources


    We split a standard server up into segments, each with resources dedicated only to you.

  • Flexible and Scalable Resources


    Need more power? We can upgrade your virtual server in an instant, at the touch of a button.

  • Spare capacity on all host servers


    All our host servers have plenty of spare capacity. We don't cram servers full to the maximum.

  • Fast server recovery


    Our automated snapshots allow servers to be quickly restored to a previous day's image.

We run a cutting edge virtualisation system which allows us to run a virtual solution at near native speeds.
Each virtual server's Operating System is aware of the virtual environment in which it is running and is specially adapted to match, giving the performance of a dedicated server at a much lower price.

What's included?

  • 24/7 fully featured professional Systems Administrator server management.
  • Generously specified virtual servers with resources dedicated and reserved for your use.
  • Spam filtered e-mail if required using the technology from our standalone e-mail product.
  • Server and Internet services uptime monitoring such as SFTP, website or ping response time.
  • All server log file maintenance or security events (login attempts) analysed by real people, day and night.
  • Encrypted off-site backups of both data and Operating System snapshots to two different countries.

Our fully managed servers start at £50 per month and include all the features above as standard.
Please contact us for a more specific quote based on your requirements and to discuss what you need.